• You have to dream before your dreams can come true.
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  • You Have To Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True
    -: A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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New Technique Makes 72-Year-Old Walk Again

Created: 09/01/2017 - 14:11
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A 72-year-old person who was unable to walk due to blockages in his coronary arteries has been cured with the help of a new and rare technique called Artery Clearance Therapy, doctors said here on Friday.

Haryana-based Ramprasad felt discomfort and uneasiness while performing physical activities and tests revealed 90 percent blockage in three of his coronary arteries. This condition compelled him to undergo bypass surgery.

Though Ramprasad thought that his life would now be back on track, he felt congestion in his heart again.

“Even if I followed doctor’s advice after the bypass surgery, I felt congestion in my heart one morning causing the same problems,” said Ramprasad, who was not familiar with alternative therapies for heart disease until then.

Though doctors advised him to undergo another surgery, Ramprasad wanted to try something less risky. It was suggested to him later to consult Bimal Chhajer of the Delhi-based Science and Art of Living (SAAOL) Heart Care Centre.

At the centre, Ramprasad underwent Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT), also known as bio-chemical angioplasty.

Following this procedure, he was asked to join the rehabilitation centre of the hospitals where he regained his ability to walk and perform other physical activities with ease.

Chhajer said: “This therapy is basically a mixture of biochemicals such as anti-oxidants, vitamins, isotonic carrier and PH balancing drug that are injected in the patient through intravenous route for a two-and-half-hour period.”

“These drugs soften the blockage leading to its gradual reduction. The results become apparent within six to ten infusions,” he said.

According to recent findings in medical sciences, bypass surgery and angioplasty are not always successful as there may be recurrence even after the procedure.



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